Free Printable: Sight Words Flash Cards

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hello everyone! How have you been? My schedule has been craaaazy! That's why I'm not able to post anything for almost 2 weeks! I didn't even realize that it's been almost half a month. Gee. Anyway, my little Strawberry, which is 4, has just recently been progressing into reading. She's starting to slowly read syllables and I am just so happy and excited for her! Because of the thrilled mama that I am, I started to make sight words for her and yes I am sharing them with you. Yay for that! ;)

I made 2 versions of this. First is the regular sight words and the second is the montessori version where vowels are in blue and consonants in red. Click the links below to see the details of the free sight word printables. Hope you like them!

Regular Sight Words: Click Here!

Montessori Sight Words: Click Here!

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