February Update: New Domain, Updated Look and Learning Korean

Hello February! Hello everyone!

I am starting this love month by saying that I've finally decided to get a very own domain and our own blogspot address is now:

Yehey! Yehey!! This makes me so giddy and more excited!

If you will also notice there's a little bit of tweaking that happened to the page. I hope this makes it easier to navigate whichever you need to find.

Learning Korean:

For this February, I will be sharing with you my Korean learning experience. It is said that new year is a great season to start something new. One thing on my list this year is to learn a new language. I was juggling between French and Korean. But I have decided to go with Korean since I am able to mingle with more Koreans here (Philippines) and to add to that, I watch Korean movies whenever I have free time. (Don't judge me okay! T^T) I am not a fanatic. It's just that most of the Korean movies I watched have very good storylines. Anyway, I am still a beginner so please don't expect me to speak or write fluent Korean. I am totally new to this. If you are interested in learning Korean or any foreign language in this sense, I will try my best to share to you my learning techniques. I hope I'll be able to help you out one way or another. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at: hellostrawberrybaby@gmail.com

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