My Kikki K planner is here!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello! I just recently ordered a gold time planner from kikki K. I placed my order January 13, 2015 and they shipped it January 17, 2015. After the long wait, it arrived just this 26th. I had it shipped by regular mail and the website said that it would take 5-10 days. I was expecting it to arrive on the 27th considering that I'm in the Philippines. The thing was that we were at the grocery when the mailman came. I was glad they called me to inform that my package arrived. I had my brother sign it on my behalf and he was asked to pay P100.00. Meet the beauty!

My gold Kikki K planner!  

The dashboard with lots of pockets; The gray dividers: The gold binder skeleton  

The back part where you'll find a notepad and a pen holder

I'm really glad that I got this size. Big enough for me to write on. I'm a left handed so it's quite hard for me to write on stationeries with rings or binders. I am now thinking on how to customize this gold. Until then. Have a nice day!


  1. Hi sis! I just wanted to ask if how much in total did you pay for the planner to get here in philippines? Natakot ksi ako sa sabi ng iba na naningil once ang philpost yta or customs ng 3,200 :/

  2. Hello Rizza! I paid 100. They delivered directly to my house. Not sure lang ngayon since there are issues sa customs. Good luck!

  3. hey!!!! would you like to sell it? i would love to buy it!!!